Science has been a key component of improving our everyday life. With the advancements of the smartphone to different trackers, we can now use technology to help us be better at activities at the palm of our hand.

Sleep trackers are great ways to help you monitor and improve your sleep habits. In an NYU study, 28% of participants actually used a health app to help monitor their sleeping habits.

Many people look to trackers to help them get an overall idea of how much they are sleeping. The average person spends a third of their life sleeping so it is important to make sure you are getting the best possible.

Who should consider using a sleep monitor?

Anyone who is interested in improving their sleep should consider using a tracker. They are great tools to measure the quality of your sleep. It can especially help if you have issues waking up often during the night or feel sleepy throughout the day. If you are a more anxious person, be cautious about tracking your sleep. It may cause you to spend the night awake obsessing over the data rather than enjoying some rest.

FUN FACT: Sleep trackers use accelerometry or actigraphy to know when you’re asleep.

How do sleep trackers work?

Sleep trackers are designed to help recognize your motion while asleep. Most trackers use a accelerometer, a device that helps monitor movement, either on a smartphone or an additional component. Then the tracker uses actigraphy to help track your rest and activity cycles throughout the night. These two elements help the device detect your sleep cycles and any additional patterns. Some are also able to monitor your heart rate, breathing and temperature. Many trackers are built to into a wearable component, such as a watch or wristband. There are others that are installed directly onto your bed. All the data it collects is then sent to an app where you can review your personalized insights and get advice. The device should not replace the recommendations of a doctor.

What are the benefits of using a sleep monitor?

There are benefits to using a tracker to track your sleep:

Helps you build a better sleep routine

Sleep trackers are great tool to help provide reminders of when you should go to sleep. Most will provide data of your progress over time, so you can see your progress that you are making. They can also provide helpful advice on what you can achieve your sleep goals.

Automatic tracking of your sleep metrics.

With the modern design of sleep monitors, a person now can have a digital “journal” of all their sleep habits. Keeping a printed copy is no longer needed when you can have all the data in the palm of your hand and available at any time.

Helps improve your sleep quality

While monitoring your sleep, some sleep trackers can break down the different sleep stages you work through and also any movement. Then, in the app you’re given insights on your experience and also helpful coaching to help make changes to achieve your sleep goals. Sleep trackers can also monitor your bedroom environment- the Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker tracks temperature, air purity, carbon dioxide, and humidity. You’ll be notified if the conditions in your room are not ideal for quality sleep, and provided recommendations on how to fix it.

How accurate are sleep trackers?

The device is designed to help monitor your behavior while in bed, so there is some room for error. But, they do still provide great overall insights on your sleep quality. If you have any concerns about your results, discuss it with your doctors.

Overall, there are benefits to using a sleep tracker. You can gain some helpful insight into your sleep routine and the overall quality. Like any fitness or health tracker, the AI sleep coach in the Tempur-Pedic SleepTracker can provide actionable advice on how to improve your sleep too – skipping the guesswork. Smarter sleep is here.


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Set up your target bedtime and wake times.

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Silence distractions with the Tempur-Pedic® Sleeptracker® smart white noise player.


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