Finding the right mattress is a necessity for our health, attitude and overall quality of life. After all, 1/3 of our lives are spent in bed, so why not find a mattress you look forward to sleeping on! Every 6 to 8 years is when we say out with the old and in with the new mattress. Buying a new mattress doesn’t have to be a headache!     Check out our tips to create a pain-free shopping experience:

Determine Your Budget & Your Needs

When shopping for a new mattress it’s important to figure out what price works for you and to determine answers to key questions that will help you narrow down the best options:   What room is the new mattress going in? Be sure to measure your room to know how big or small you need the mattress set to be. This will help eliminate headaches in the shopping process and allow for smooth sailing.   Will this be a mattress for one or two? Child or adult? Depending on age and lifestyle, your specific need for a mattress may differ. It’s important to think about who the mattress is for, what they need from a mattress and how often it will be used. Determining the frequency or infrequency of use for the mattress can help you figure out what level of durability you will need.   What size of mattress will best suit your needs? Depending on if the mattress is for one or two, kid or adult and so forth can help narrow down a mattress size that feels appropriate. Twin, Full, Queen and King are the options, but what does that really mean as far as space? For more information and a breakdown of sizes visit Mattress Sizes.   What benefits do you want from a mattress? Whether you are seeking back relief, comfort, temperature control and more-the right mattress is out there and ready to cater to your every sleep need. If it’s back relief you’re searching for, a mattress with additional support could be the option for you, while benefits like temperature control and comfort can be found in numerous memory foam mattress sets, pillow top mattresses and more! The best way to learn about these options is to utilize the sales associate.

Utilize the Sales Associate

Walking into a mattress store is like walking into a sea of white rectangles. While each mattress may appear practically identical, each mattress offers different features and benefits to accommodate specific needs. Our sales associates have been through rigorous training to help you find the right mattress for your needs; they’ll help you make a purchase that you can feel great about!

Take it for a “Test Drive”

You’ll never know how a mattress will work for you and your partner (especially if you both have different preferences or needs) just by looking at it! Just as you would a car, test drive the mattress(es) that interests you. Lie down and pay special attention to the position that you normally sleep in. Try it out on your back, sides and stomach for at least 5-7 minutes to ensure that every position feels comfortable and supportive.   Take your time and take note of where you feel the support on your body or where you’re not feeling enough support. Testing out how comfortable a mattress isn’t complete without comfortable clothes! Wearing your most comfy outfit will help you feel more comfortable during your test drive. At the end of the day this is your mattress and you deserve to feel 100% positive about it.

Do Your Research

Research before a mattress purchase is so important, but at the end of the day, you cannot try a mattress by laying down on your keyboard. The most important research you can do is by trying mattresses out to see how your body responds.   We want to help make the process a little easier with our list of Bed Smart 101 resources:

Support vs Comfort

Two major factors of a mattress come down to support and comfort. The right support will cater to proper alignment and a superior level of comfort will prevent tossing and turning. Be Bed Smart and check out our tips on testing for support and comfort.

5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Mattress

It can be difficult to keep track of how long you’ve had your current mattress and when you should replace it. If restful sleep has become an idea rather than your reality, you know it’s time to replace your mattress. Read up on our 5 signs to look for in an old mattress.     Types of Mattresses We hear the terms innerspring, memory foam, gel and more, but what do they all mean? Each material is designed to maximize comfort and support but the key is figuring out which one is the right fit for you. Our guide to mattress technologies will help you fill in the blanks so you can choose your best mattress.