woman sleeping in rv

You spend all day enjoying the great outdoors and roads, and the first thing you want to do afterward is get some rest. When you are at home, you already have an ideal sleep environment created for your needs. There is no reason to not have this same experience while on the road. You don’t have to be at home to get a great night’s sleep.

Here are five essential things you need for great rest in your camper or recreational vehicle:

1. A mattress that will support your body & comfort needs

Your mattress is a key part of having quality sleep. Even though you are on the road, you can purchase mattresses designed for your camper or RV. One thing to consider is that RV mattresses tend to be shorter or narrower due to space constraints. Make sure to pay close attention to measurements when purchasing. These beds can fit your space needs and also provide your body with the support it needs, so you can wake up refreshed. Our Parklane RV Mattress line is expertly designed so you can get the quality sleep you deserve while on the road.

2. The perfect camping spot based on what you need for sound & light

Finding the right location for where you park for the night is crucial. Creating an ideal sleep environment helps signal your body that it is time to sleep and also keep you sleeping throughout the night. Avoid parking near highways and areas with high traffic like pools, parks, dumpsters. If possible, at your camp site try to pick a spot further in the back.

3. Good air flow by opening windows & using fans

Having good airflow in a small space is critical. Stuffy areas are harder to breathe in and also can make the space heat up quickly. Open any windows and find ways to create a draft in the space. Some of the later RV’s do come with better ventilation systems and/or a skylight. Having airflow can help prevent snoring and keep your space cool throughout the night.

4. The perfect lighting to fit your needs

Darkness is a key trigger to help people fall asleep. Try to block out as much light as possible at night to help you stay asleep. Adding in a window treatment to your RV or camper can help you have more control of the darkness of the small space. If you need some light, try small lamps or night lights to help provide just enough while not interfering with your sleep.

5. A sound machine to help regulate noise

When you are in a RV or camper, the noises you face is based on where you park. The various noises do pose a challenge if you cannot drown out the noises. Using a sound machine can help isolate those noises happening in your space and outside. There are many models on the market so you can pick one with sounds that are favorable to your needs.