How can you get your best night’s sleep, every night?

BedMart is here to help! Be Bed Smart and check out our quick tips and tricks for better sleep:

1.  Consistent Sleep Schedule

Going to bed late followed by getting up early wreaks havoc on your internal clock! Keep consistency in mind when it comes to your sleep schedule. A regular 8 hours of sleep and a typical bedtime will help you feel more alert and sleep better.

2. Exercise

Have trouble falling asleep at night? Getting the blood pumping during the day with a regular exercise routine not only helps your cardiovascular health, but it also preps for your body for a night of blissfully restful sleep!

3. Keep Your Bedroom Dark

Take a step on the dark side and eliminate harsh lights from your bedroom. For overall better sleep, it’s best to treat your bedroom like a sleep sanctuary. The less light that can disrupt your sleep, the more relaxing and rejuvenating your sleep will be.

4. Snack-Free Bedtime

Snack time has its place, and unfortunately before bed is not it. Eating anything before bed can cause your body’s blood sugar to rise and crash while sleeping, creating the likelihood for disruptive sleep.

5.  Quiet Time

Unplug, unwind and create a silent environment that is ideal for sleep. Think of bedtime being as peaceful as a meadow and as quiet as a library. Silence is key for better sleep.

6.  Comfy Sleep Essentials

What is great sleep without quality sleep essentials! Better sleep starts from the source: a comfortable mattress, pillows and top-notch bedding.

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