Convolution Pillow


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Product Information

  • Versatile pillow that allows you to select the support you want.
  • Inner Core is convoluted on one side, and flat on the other.
  • Removable foam options

Key features & Benefits

Memory Foam

Convoluted memory foam provides the perfect combination of comfort while also creating conforming support.

Customizable Comfort

Sleep how you want. The memory foam core is convoluted on one side and flat on the other, offering the best forms for both side/back sleepers. Completely removable foam to create an ultra-plush feel, ideal for stomach sleepers.

Gelled Microfiber™ Fill

Offers small siliconized Gelled Microfibers™ creating the elegant feel of a down pillow without the harmful allergens.

3 Levels of Comfort chart graphic

Versatile Comfort

The Convolution offers 3 levels of comfort while you sleep. One side having a convoluted core offers conforming head and neck support for any back sleeper, and a flat side of memory foam creates a supportive loft for side sleepers. Featuring a removable memory foam core allows you to create an ultra-plush pillow which would be ideal for side sleepers.

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