X11 Bedsmart Base


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Give your body the complete experience with the X11 iLift Base. It includes head, foot, head tilt motion, and lumbar adjustments! The X11 iLift Base features massage options with dual motors, 3 different speeds, and preset timers! Never worry about charging your device with two USB ports installed at the back of the model. The X11″s wireless remote allows you to select four preset positions, and includes two programmable options so you can always go back to your perfect position. No worries if you can’t find your remote, the X11 also has a bluetooth app for your phone and devices!

-20 year manufacturer warranty (2 years parts and labor, 20 years framework), Wireless remote and under bed lighting. Bluetooth phone app remote. 2 USB ports. Emergency power down.

– Head Lift
– Foot Lift
– Head Tilt Motion
– Lumbar Adjustment
– Dual Motor Massage with 3 Speeds and Preset Timer
– USB Ports
– Wireless Remote
– Four Preset Positions
– Two Programmable Positions
– Blue Tooth App

Width Length Height Weight
Twin 38" 75" 15.5''
Twin XL 38" 80" 15.5''
Full 53" 75" 15.5''
Queen 60" 80" 15.5''
King 76" 80" 15.5''
Cal King 72" 84" 15.5''

Support Features

Head Lift

The head lift feature of an Adjustable Base is one of the most important reasons to get one. Not only does it help with snoring but it also has been proven to help with gastrointestinal issues like acid re-flux. Other issues include: sleep apnea, lower back pain, shoulder pain, asthma, and breathing issues related to allergies.

Foot Lift

This feature is one of the most important if you suffer from lower back pain and/or circulation issues. By lifting your legs just a few inches, you’ll notice a lot of the pressure that usually exists on your lower back dissipate markedly. While lifted, the knees also naturally bend opening up blood flow and circulation.

Lumbar Adjustments

The X11 Base has lumbar adjustments so you can optimize your sleep and get the best possible support AND comfort! By adjusting the lumbar area of your mattress, this feature allows you to be able to adjust your support for your lower back. Essentially reducing lower back pain!


The X9 Base sports a 850lb. lift capacity. Warrantied for 20 years! 2 years parts and labor, 20 years framework.

3-in-1 leg

The X9 Base is capable of being set up at the height you desire. With the 3-in-1 leg feature, you’ll be able to choose your height upon set up at either 9″, 6″, 3″, or even ZERO inches.

Comfort Features

Head Tilt

Have you ever spent time reading or watching TV in bed? This feature works with the head lift feature to position your eyes forward to better focus on what you’re doing instead of upwards. No more neck pain from piling pillows behind your head to get a better view!


How do you know if you “need” the massage feature? Massage not only helps sooth sore feet but is also commonly used to help bedridden patients open up circulation in their limbs. Whether you sit or stand, this feature is useful for easing achy bones.

DuAl Massage

The X11 Base has a dual motor massage function. What does that mean? Well that means that you can adjust the massage to be more or less intense on your head or feet at three different intervals. There are also 3 different “waves” of massage you can choose from. Don’t worry about falling asleep while using this feature, the massage has a timer.

Wall hugger

Wall Hugger function means that the adjustable backs up towards the wall as you’re lifting it.

There are 2 very good reasons why this feature is useful:

  1. Backing up towards the wall ensures that you can always reach your night stand in any position.
  2. When there is less space between the head of your adjustable and the wall there is less of a chance for things to fall back there. (i.e. pillows, pets, or children)

Lumbar Adjustments

The X11 Base has lumbar adjustments so you can optimize your sleep and get the best possible support AND comfort!

Tech Features

Wireless remote

This portable wireless remote was made to share or to use solo. Unlike most wired remotes where you and your partner have to fight over a cord, this base makes passing the remote easier and less stressful.

blue tooth app

When it comes to remotes, often times at some point you may misplace it. But you almost never misplace your phone! The app for this adjustable is easy to use and is offered for both android and iOS phones and devices. Having access to an app allows for you and your partner to use the remote at the same time!

under bed lighting

The big unsung benefit to under bed lighting is not a throw-back to the race car bed days. It’s main purpose is to illuminate the floor under your bed, so you do not have to turn on a light and disturb the sleep of your partner if you get up in the middle of the night.


Yes there’s a flashlight on the remote and on the app! It’s always good to have an extra flashlight just in case of emergencies so we’ve included one for you.

4 usb ports

Because adjustables tend to take up outlet space, we’ve included 2 USB ports on each side of this base for your convenience. The special designed foam encasement of the adjustable and the placement of these USB ports ensures that you wont break your cords adjusting the base when placed inside of furniture.


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