A pillow top mattress set has the pillow cushion sewn onto one side, and a non-skid material on the other side. Because it is quite different than a standard mattress, it is important to know how to look after it in order to get the very best out of it. If you own a standard mattress, the advice is to flip it at least four times a year. A pillow top, on the other hand, should not be flipped, because only the cushioned side of it should be slept on. What you can do, however, is rotate it instead of flipping. Regular rotation of your mattress set will lengthen its lifespan and ensure that it stays comfortable and supportive for years to come.

Sleeping on the same part of a mattress night after night can wear out certain areas, creating lumps and indents and turning it into a less comfortable sleeping surface. Sleep experts recommend that you rotate a mattress every three months. It is a good idea to do it at the beginning of each season (i.e. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter). If you prefer, rotate it every month. Do it on the 1st of the month so that it is easy to remember. It is best to ask someone to help you rotate your mattress, to reduce the risk of injury. A mattress is heavy and can be difficult to move on your own. One person should grip the mattress with both hands along one long side, and the second person should do the same on the opposite side. Lift your mattress together and rotate it slowly, until the short end that was at the top of the bed is at the bottom of the bed. Many mattresses come with a handle strap on either side, which makes it easier to move. Remember, you are moving a large, heavy item. When you are rotating it, watch out for lamps and other items that could be knocked over.

Once you get into the habit of mattress rotation, it will become quick and simple. Please avoid flipping your pillow top mattress. By doing so, you are helping to extend the life of your pillow top mattress set and maintain good sleep health.