We are constantly asked “Does this mattress have any flame retardant chemicals?” and “What type of flame retardant products are used in this mattress?” Well, we are here to answer your questions. We utilize an inherent fire resistant rayon fabric to meet the Federal fire safety standard of Consumer Products Safety Council Standard CFR 1633.

The rayon yarn that makes up the fabric is not treated before or after it is manufactured with chemicals. The rayon we use is not the same type of “rayon” used in clothing or other consumer products. The rayon used is a high loft fire barrier and is an engineered fiber yarn consisting of silica wrapped in a rayon sheath. This spun yarn has patented properties that when exposed to flame, the core of the yarn creates a strong skeletal framework that holds the char in place blocking flames from penetrating the fabric and spreading. The yarn when exposed to flame on a microscopic level – the thread turns into a web of yarn creating the flame barrier. This web like expansion stops fire from spreading, chars the fabric, and allows the fabric to be self extinguishing.  All of this is done through the design of how the yarn is spun/created and does not involve pre or post treatment with chemicals. We hope this information is helpful to you and that you are able to rest easy tonight.

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