Don’t lose sleep over choosing a mattress. Discover the best mattress for back pain. Also, find easy sleeping tips to alleviate back pain.

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Back pain puts a severe cramp in your style. It makes it hard to exercise and painful to sit through the workday. It’s also one of the top reasons older people lose mobility.

Despite back pain’s wide-reaching effects on our lives, it’s also sadly familiar. A recent study showed that 39% of adults suffer from back pain.

But did you know the solution might be as simple as investing in a new mattress?

Finding the RIGHT mattress for back pain relief could be your solution to waking up feeling refreshed, pain-free, and ready to face the day.

Keep reading to discover our top picks and ways to alleviate back pain when sleeping.

Can a Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Your mattress may contribute to your back pain—or even causing it.

Various activities in our daily lives can hurt our backs, from poor posture to extended hours on our feet.

But if your mattress is too soft or hard, it will worsen your back pain. An unsuitable mattress won’t align your back correctly while you sleep. This means you’ll likely wake up with back pain throughout the day.

An uncomfortable mattress can also make getting a good night’s sleep more difficult. It further disrupts your body’s ability to heal your aches and pains.

Overall, the right mattress is crucial to soothing and preventing back pain.

Best Mattress for Back Pain (Our Top 3 Picks)

Check out these top three best mattresses for back pain relief. Discover which one is right for you.

1. Kingsdown SMARTmatch 2.0 Blue Mattress

Kingsdown SMARTmatch Blue Mattress

Kingsdown SMARTmatch 2.0 Blue Mattress

For over 100 years, Kingsdown has honed its quality mattress to offer the absolute pinnacle in sleep technology.

The SMARTmatch line minimizes motion transfer while maximizing contouring in a smart hybrid design with five-zone pressure relief.

Mattress Details:

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 5/10
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King, Split King
  • Recommended For: Side Sleepers

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2. Tempur ProAdapt Medium Mattress

Tempur ProAdapt Medium Mattress

Tempur ProAdapt Medium Mattress

TempurPedic makes the ProAdapt Medium bed with “the most pressure-relieving material we’ve ever created.” This makes it the top choice for side sleepers with back pain.

Plus, TempurPedic’s mattresses pair with adjustable bases. This combo offers superior lower back pain relief.

Mattress Details:

Mattress Type: Tempur Material
Firmness: 7/10
Available Sizes: Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King, Split King
Recommended For: Back Sleepers

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3. Hawthorne Firm Mattress

Hawthorne Firm Mattress

Hawthorne Firm Mattress

The Hawthorne Firm mattress shines for back pain relief.

This quality mattress boasts a cooling Tencel cover. It also offers five-zoned support for targeted relief.

Moreover, a layer of Talalay latex amps up the comfort. So, if you’re seeking a firmer model to relieve back pain, this one’s a top pick!

Mattress Details:

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid
  • Firmness: 10/10
  • Available Sizes: Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Queen, King, Cal. King, Split King
  • Recommended For: Stomach Sleepers

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Soft or Firm Mattress for Lower Back Pain?

You’re tossing and turning, wondering: soft or firm? For lower back pain, a medium-firm mattress often hits the sweet spot. It provides support to keep your spine aligned while offering enough cushion for comfort.

But remember, everyone’s back is unique. It’s essential to test and see what feels right for YOUR back.

For example, some people prefer an ultra-firm mattress for back pain. However, surveys show that people who sleep on very firm mattresses tend to have the worst sleep quality.

Yet, an overly soft mattress can also cause problems. Without enough support, you may not align your spine while you sleep.

The key is finding a mattress that isn’t rock hard, supports your spine, and cushions your pressure points.

How to Choose a Mattress for Back Pain

Choosing the best mattress for back pain can be a big decision. In your search, consider the following factors to determine the right choice.

Mattress Type

There’s no one type of best mattress for back pain, which means you have several options depending on what you prefer.

Look for the following quality mattress types:

  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Memory foam mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses
  • Latex mattresses
  • Gel foam mattresses

Mattress Firmness

Experts recommend a mattress on the firmer end of the spectrum to soothe back pain—but not too firm.

You want to feel comfortable lying in bed. An overly firm mattress is as likely to cause pain as a soft one.

Also, choose a mattress that offers multi-zone support. This support ensures your back is aligned correctly, regardless of position.

Sleeping Position

Certain sleeping positions for back pain can help you wake up feeling pain-free. Others may make the problem worse.

If you sleep on your stomach with the wrong pillow and mattress, you may wake up with a crick in your back and neck.

However, whatever sleeping position you prefer, the right mattress can ensure you don’t experience any back pain.

Body Support

Support is the name of the game for back pain relief. The right type of support keeps your spine perfectly aligned.

Proper alignment prevents discomfort all night wrong. Not enough support, and you’ll wake up sore.

Pressure Relief

Side sleepers especially need extra pressure relief. Our weight settles on our shoulders and hips when we sleep on our side. Those areas can quickly get sore overnight.

If you’re looking for a firmer mattress to help your back pain, make sure not to sacrifice pressure relief.

Spine Alignment

The best mattress for back pain will keep your spine correctly aligned all night while you sleep.

Proper alignment ensures your central nervous system functions optimally. It also helps reduce the risk of longer-term back problems such as bad posture and sciatica.

Because your spine has a natural curve, your bed should keep your back in a neutral position. This positioning minimizes pressure points along the spine.

Sleeping Temperature

Sleep quality can quickly suffer if you get too hot at night. This leads to more aches and stiffness.

Luckily, a cooling mattress cover made from tencel or other moisture-wicking fabrics can keep you comfortable even on hot nights.

And for maximum heat relief, you can even get a memory foam mattress infused with cooling gel.

Mattress Price

It’s always important to consider your budget when shopping for a mattress.

Knowing your budget will help you prioritize which features are most important. It also ensures you choose a mattress that will last for years.

Warranty and Sleep Trial

The warranty and sleep trial are crucial factors when purchasing a mattress.

You can hardly rest easy on a mattress if you’re worried about whether you can return it.

BedMart has a 120 Night Comfort Guarantee. We understand a mattress purchase is a significant investment.

How to Sleep with Back Pain: 5 Ways to Relieve Discomfort

Back pain turning your Zzz’s into Ouches? Let’s dive into five sleep-changing ways to sleep without the “ow!”

Reclaim restful, pain-free sleep with these five tips:

1. Sleep on Your Back in a Reclined Position

Sleeping on your back in a reclined position can reduce pressure on your spine. Elevate the head of your bed or use an adjustable base.

It’s like first-class comfort for your back!

Reclined sleeping can also help relieve snoring by making it easier to breathe!

2. Sleep on Your Back with a Pillow Underneath Your Knees

Sleeping on your back with a pillow beneath your knees helps maintain the natural curve in your spine.

The pillow takes the pressure off your back and keeps your spine in a position to avoid pain. It’s one of the best sleeping positions for lower back pain.

3. Sleep on Your Side in the Fetal Position

Sleeping in the fetal position can relieve back pain, especially if you’re pregnant or have acid reflux.

However, if you have shoulder pain, sleeping in the fetal position may not be a good option as it may increase your pain.

4. Sleep on Your Side with a Pillow Between Your Knees

Side sleepers can relieve back pain with a simple trick: try sleeping with a pillow between your knees.

This sleeping method keeps your hips and lower back straight throughout the night. It ensures your spine remains properly aligned to prevent back pain.

5. Sleep on Your Stomach with a Pillow Under Your Abdomen

Stomach sleeping is the worst position for lower back pain because it stresses your spine more.

When lying on a bed that doesn’t provide adequate support, your spine can dip painfully between your head and hips.

One solution is to sleep with a pillow under your stomach to provide additional support in that targeted area.

You should also ensure you have a mattress that provides enough support.


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Best Mattress for Back Pain FAQ

Answers to common questions about sleeping with back pain.

What Type of Mattress Is Best for Back Pain?

A mattress that prioritizes support is ideal for back pain, usually in the medium-to-firm range.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain?

Sleeping on your side is a great way to relieve back pain. Especially when you sleep with a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned.

Do Mattress Toppers Help with Back Pain?

Mattress toppers for back pain relief are a great option to adapt an existing bed if you’re not ready to replace it.

Look for a mattress topper that prioritizes support and pressure relief for maximum comfort.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress Good for Back Pain?

Memory foam is an excellent option for people with back pain. This mattress type combines support and pressure relief to support the natural curve in your spine.

This support also cushions pressure points, aiding in a great night’s sleep.

How Do I Know If My Mattress Is Causing My Back Pain?

If you spend a night or two in a different bed and don’t experience back pain when sleeping, that’s a sure sign your mattress is to blame.

However, it may be time to shop for a new bed if you have an older mattress. If that’s the case, BedMart is happy to help!

Accessories to Enhance Your Comfort Experience

Other options to help with back pain are changing your pillow or opting for an adjustable base. Adjustable bases have many benefits to help with pressure relief and promote proper alignment. You can read more about adjustable base benefits here.

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