woman lays down to show body conforming

You just made a large investment in a new mattress. It is key to try to make your mattress last its entire lifespan. You should check your mattress every now and then to see how it is holding up from the use. One of the things you may notice while your mattress breaks in is body impressions. Body impressions are signs of use and how plush mattress models tend to conform to your body. It is similar to how a new pair of shoes are stiff while they are still forming to your feet. Eventually, it will conform to your shape. They do not affect the performance of your mattress. Here are some tips to prevent body impressions from showing up in your new mattress.

1. Use a Mattress Protector

Moisture and other particles are not your mattress’ friend. A mattress protector can help keep the bad out and also make sure your mattress is a long-lasting allergen-free zone. Plus, some mattress protectors have additional benefits such as temperature control and providing additional comfort.

2. Unmake Your Bed Every Day

This might be the opposite of what you are used to. It is important to make sure your mattress gets a chance to breathe. It can be as easy as folding back the covers to the foot of the bed. This can leaving your bed unmade for some time or leaving it undressed while you wash your sheets. Rotating your mattress will help you maintain even wear and avoid body impressions.

3. Rotate Your Mattress

Make sure you are rotating your mattress about once every three months. By doing so, you can help the material wear more evenly. If you can, please flip your mattress to even out the wear on each side.

4. Try a Different Mattress TypeLatex and visco-elastic memory foam mattress are less prone to body impressions.

Latex and visco-elastic memory foam mattresses tend to be less prone to getting body impressions. The material in them contour to the body and regain its shape once a person gets up. Try one of these types of mattresses if it’s time to retire your current one.   If your body impressions seem deeper than normal, please reach out to MyMattressWarranty.com to submit a warranty claim. Our friendly sleep consultants will help you through the entire process.