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Heavier people may need a mattress built to support larger weights for longer periods. But did you know that you might also need a special bed frame to protect and sustain your mattress? A heavy-duty metal bed frame is an excellent option for people needing reliable mattress support. Here’s how to tell if you need a heavy-duty metal bed and the best options on the market.

When To Shop For The Sturdiest Bed Frames

Most standard mattresses can support about 250 pounds per side of the bed. If you or your partner weighs more, the mattress may deform and sag faster than under a lighter sleeper. Fortunately, there are many options for mattresses designed to support higher weight loads for the entire span of their warranty. However, if you’re purchasing a bed built for heavier sleepers, you’ll also need a frame that protects and supports your mattress for years to come. 

Purchasing the right bed frame nips several problems in the bud. A quality metal bed frame prevents squeaking, shifting, and sliding in the middle of the night, leading to a better night’s sleep. Some mattresses, such as a TempurPedic, require the correct type of bed frame to provide adequate support for the mattress (and might even void the warranty if the wrong kind of frame is used). A heavy-duty metal bed frame is a great option for all sleepers, but it is essential for heavier people who need to ensure their mattress doesn’t sag. 

Best Heavy-Duty Metal Bed Frames

At BedMart, we offer many quality heavy-duty metal bed frames for mattresses of all sizes. Here are a few of our top-rated bed frames guaranteed to keep your mattress in top condition for years. 

The Ultra Deluxe Frame

The Ultra Deluxe is a fantastic entry-level heavy-duty metal bed frame model that offers solid construction and easy assembly with no tools or bolts required. A ten-year warranty means you know you can stand by this bed’s solid construction

Ultra Deluxe Frame - Metal Frame

The Ultra Deluxe Frame

The Premium Frame 

Designers created Hollywood-style frames with longevity in mind. Constructed from recycled railroad steel, the Premium Frame comes with a lifetime warranty and will support even the heaviest sleepers. Another concern with a heavier bed frame is whether it will damage the floors beneath it, but the Premium Frame has that covered with its specially designed gliding feet. 

The Premium Frame

The Premium Frame

Bedsmart High Rise Base

The High Rise Base is a powerhouse of function and support. One of the sturdiest on the market, it can safely support up to 2,500 pounds and comes in every size up to a California king. With the additional support struts and center leg brace support, you don’t even need a box spring to give your mattress all the support it needs. You also get thirteen inches of under-the-bed storage, all in an easily transported box. 

bedsmart high rise base

The High Rise Base

Shop BedMart for the Best Bed Frames

Not only are metal bed frames great for extending the lifetime of your mattress, they also tend to be more economical. In a heavy-duty metal bed frame, you can find longevity, sturdiness, and an elegantly simple design that will last for as long as you need. If you’re looking to browse even more options for your heavy-duty metal bed frame, look no farther than BedMart for the widest selections and best prices.