EmBrace Bed Frame

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Knickerbocker emBrace™ Bed Frame

No Tool Assembly: Putting this frame together and taking it apart is incredibly simple. Using drop-together wedge technology, the emBrace™ can be assembled or disassembled in minutes without any tools. It is the only mattress support system that remains perfectly square and level without any flex or movement.

Polymer Encased Steel Core: Encased in the frames advanced polymer resin is a steel core capable of holding up to 5000 pounds. The secret to it’s strength is an advanced latticework of Pennsylvania rail track steel. The rail steel’s high carbon content makes it incredibly strong and the rolling process used during fabrication makes it even stronger.

T-Technology: Featuring “T – Shaped” side rails, this frame revolutionizes mattress support. Traditional “L – Shaped” side rails have characterized bed support technology since the inception of the bed frame. The older construction has allowed for flexing. With “T – Technology” flexing is eliminated and bedding can achieve maximum performance and comfort.

Safer: This frame has virtually no exposed steel or sharp edges. The soft feel of the advanced polymer coat is a dramatic departure from the construction of traditional bed frames.

Great on All Types of Flooring: An advanced glide surface at the bottom of the frame’s legs allow for both stability and ease of movement. This frame can be used confidently on both hardwood and carpet.


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