With the summertime sunshine, comes the hot and often sleepless nights. At BedMart, you can enjoy summer and sleep cool. Keep it cool this summer and enjoy a restful night’s sleep always with BedMart’s sleep tips and tricks for summertime.

 1. Hydrate

8 glasses of water a day is not only beneficial for your health, it can also help you sleep in the heat! Staying hydrated helps prevent dry mouth and keeps you cool while you sleep.

2. Cold Showers

Hot weather have you sweating? Take a cold shower or bath before bedtime, this will help your regulate your body temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

3. Conserve Your Energy

Keep it dark and keep it cool during the day for a restful night’s sleep. Turning the lights off and drawing the curtains will help keep your bedroom at an ideal temperature.

4. Breathable Bedding

When it comes to summertime bedding, opt for a light duvet paired with a breathable sheet, such as bamboo or cotton. This will help keep you from sweating at night.

5. Cooling Mattress Technology

Sleeping in the summer heat can be easily resolved with a mattress that contains cooling technology. There are a variety of mattresses to choose from that help regulate body temperature. Ease into sleep with a memory foam or hybrid mattress, BedMart’s mattress technologies will keep you cool while you catch some z’s.

Say goodbye to hot, restless nights with one of our mattresses with cooling technology.

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