smartMATCH® Diagnostic Technology

Our exclusive system takes the guesswork out of shopping, so it’s easy to buy the perfect mattress. 

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Sleep Smarter. Sleep Better.

With so many mattresses offering different comfort and support levels, mattress shopping can be overwhelming. At BedMart we do things differently by using a state-of-the-art diagnostic system to match you with the best mattress for your specific body type and sleeping position. Using 18 statistical measurements and information about your sleeping preferences, our exclusive smartMATCH system identifies which mattresses on our showroom floor are going to provide the correct level of postural support and pressure relief for your body.

Why smartMATCH?

Most people choose their mattress based on how they feel after a few minutes trying it out in a store. The fundamental problem with this is that when you’re awake, your muscles aren’t fully relaxed. And when you sleep, the muscles in your body relax completely, making proper support even more important for spinal alignment and pressure relief. If you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress, poor postural support will result in morning aches and pains and can contribute to bigger health issues over time.

The right mattress should conform to and support your body. As your spinal column realigns, the muscles in your legs relax and your blood circulates properly. So instead of waking up sore and tired, you wake up stronger and healthier.

We don’t want you to buy the wrong bed. Buying a mattress is an important decision, and we want to make it easy and foolproof. The smartMATCH diagnostic system takes the guesswork out of finding the mattress that is right for you.

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Our Science. Your Comfort.

In just a few minutes, get the perfect fit for the deepest most comfortable sleep. Our patented smartMATCH® test bed has a built-in computer system and sensors that run over 1,000 scientific calculations across 18 statistical body measurements including your height, the width of your shoulders, hips and waist. The system utilizes the data and determines you and your partner’s correct levels of postural support. Then, one our friendly Sleep Experts will recommend a selection of mattresses that are right for you.

Exclusive to BedMart, smartMATCH® is more than a pressure mapping system. It’s the most accurate body diagnostic technology. In just three minutes, the system will analyze:


  • Gender Calculation
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Distribution of Weight
  • Width of Shoulders
  • Width of Waist
  • Weight of Hips
  • Weight of Shoulder Area
  • Weight of Waist Area
  • Weight of Hip Area
  • Degree of Lumbar Curve
  • Flexibility of Lumbar Curve
  • Neck Pain Calculation
  • Shoulder Pain Calculation
  • Mid Back Pain Calculation
  • Low Back Pain Calculation
  • Hip Pain Calculation
  • Sleep Research Adjustment

3 Minutes Is All It Takes To Find The Right Mattress

How it Works

1. Create Your Profile

Join us in-store and answer a few simple questions about how you sleep and if you experience pain in your back, neck, shoulders or hips.



2. smartMATCH Analysis

Lie down on the smartMATCH test bed for three minutes, you will feel the smartMATCH sensors take statistical measurements and over 1,000 scientific calculations to determine your correct level of postural support.

3. Mattress Recommendations

Get a free smartMATCH profile that identifies every mattress on the retail floor that fits your support and pressure relief needs.

4. Choose Your Mattress

Using smartMATCH recommendations as a guide, lie down on each of the recommended mattress models and choose the one that provides your preferred level of comfort, pressure relief, and budget.

Why Customers Love Us

Using their machine that assesses your sleep positions and what not was a really cool experience. It confirmed what will work for us and what won't. Now, most bed places will show you what the "top of the line" bed setup and then when that's likely out of your budget you work your way down to the lower-end mattresses. In this regard, BedMart is no different, but I still think their high-end bed was probably the nicest bed I ever sampled. Lmao. It was insane.

Kawser C., Honolulu, HI
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