Sealy® has the support that’s right for you.

Did you know that 50% of your body weight rests in the middle while you sleep? That’s why we’ve engineered Posturepedic TechnologyTM to reinforce the center to support your back and core. It targets the heaviest part of your body to deliver reinforced support so your body stays level while you sleep.


Over 40 Million Sold Over 130 Years


Memory foam mattresses for support that “hugs you”

Sealy’s body-hugging line of Conform mattresses uses all types of foams, as well as the option of our exclusive Posturepedic Technology™, to deliver support and comfort tailored to your body.


Hybrid mattresses for perfect balance of both

Our exclusive Posturepedic Technology™ delivers reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body with 20% more coils—while also giving you that “sleep-on-top” feeling and comfort you expect from innerspring.

A Mattress for Every Kind of Sleeper

Our distinct mattress lines give you the targeted support you need with the feel you prefer—no matter how you sleep.


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