BedMart is a proud supporter of our community, and we believe that everyone should have access to emergency supplies. The Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division has been a vital resource to the Portland community since 1923, providing emergency food and clothing relief to Portland families and individuals in need. Whether due to a loss of job, domestic crime, illness, or victims of fire or disaster.

This year we are are focusing our efforts on the Hunger Doesn’t Vacation campaign. Many children rely on their school for two meals a day the school year.  Census experts pegged the child poverty rate in Oregon’s largest school district, Portland Public Schools, at 18 percent and David Douglas at 31 percent in 2010.   During the summer many children are faced with the reality of lacking up to 10 meals a week that they would have received at their school between September and early June.  BedMart wants to raise funds and awareness to combat this reality while helping the Sunshine Division better serve the community and particularly children during the summer months because while these kids are on vacation, their need for food did not take one.

Please help us by donating online or at any of our 20 BedMart locations.