Looking for a gift for that special someone? Don’t worry we have some ideas that will make your holiday shopping a breeze. Why not give them a special piece for their home? Spoil your loved one with some of our favorite pieces from around our store.


It’s the perfect touch to finish a room. These punny pillows will leave them laughing while laying comfy on their couch or bed.
Carpe Diem Printed Canvas $69.95

Carpe Diem Printed Canvas

This canvas is perfect for anyone who loves to look for some inspiration each day. It’s simplistic style and texture can fit into any room design.

Roadshow Wall Clock $155.25

Roadshow Wall Clock

This metal clock is perfect for those who love the industrial look. This is the perfect gift for those who love mechanical work or cars. The wheel design with a sprocket center design will be the talk of every party.

Abbott Black Metal Frame Candleholder $35.95

Abbott Black Metal Frame Candleholder

Light up your loved one’s life with this charming decorative piece. Pair with their favorite scent, and whenever they light it they will think of you.

Geo Grey Planters $89.95

Geo Grey Planters

Bring nature into their home. If they love the outdoors or just love plants in general, these modern accent piece will be a real winner. The three piece set has different sizes that can showcase different plants, while fitting your decorating needs.

Compass Bookend $63.00

Compass Bookend

A perfect gift for the world traveler. This ultra-chic bookend will be a winner in any room concept, and inspire them for their next big adventure.

Abstract Cyclists Mounted on a Wooden Vase $67.50

Abstract Cyclists Mounted on a Wooden Vase

Bring their love for cycling into their home. This metal piece is mounted on wooden base, which will add a rustic feel into a room concept. It will also add some of their personality to the space.


Mixed Metallics Nested Baskets $178

Mixed Metallics Nested Baskets

These handmade baskets will be perfect addition to anyone’s home. Throw your blankets, pillows, or other items that need to be store into it, while maintaining a rustic touch to their home.




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